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Are there cougars in nova scotia

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Are there cougars in nova scotia

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According to many in my profession, eastern cougars do not exist in Nova Scotia.

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A den will be chosen to have one to four kittens the average is two. Cougars and wolves in Nova Scotia?.

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The kittens will stay with their mother, learning to hunt, until they are about a year old. As noted in an opinion piece by David Baron in the New York Times, concerning a cougar killed by a car cougxrs Connecticut in "Wildlife officials, who at first assumed the cat was a captive animal that had escaped its owners, examined its DNA and concluded that it was a wild cougar from the Black Hills of South Cougar.

Glad that bobcat was having a good day! To those familiar with the history of big game in Nova Scotia and the feeding behaviour of cougars, this may come as little afe. Most cougar sightings are remarkably consistent. Looking for proof that cougars and wolves are in Nova Scotia.

Current issue

Just this past June a report came to the Department of Lands and Forestry in western Cape Breton that a young cougar had fallen into a well and drowned. Stalking and ambushing unsuspecting visitors would be their first and finest form of recreation.

Nearly all report tgere a large cat-like animal, tawny to black in color with a long, curved tail. The preferred food of cougar is deer, and in Nova Scotia the white-tailed deer was extinct for many years before the arrival of Europeans. Then I saw a house cat crouched on the side of the pavement. Of special interest is the unusually high of black or melanistic cougars reported in the province.

The eastern cougar in nova scotia

However, the publication's Web site as ofas well as that of its affiliate, the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural Historycontinued to maintain the Puma concolor couguar both western and eastern jova as a subspecies of Puma concolor. Subsequent landscaping filled in what Wayne thought was an old bear den.

Last week, Lindsay Trask ed a video on YouTube showing three cats walking down a hill behind her Digby Neck home that has convinced two experts cougaes cougars may be present in Nova Scotia. This one has two rounded lobes on the side and the top is flattened out," he explained. If cougar do exist in Nova Scotia, they are probably few inwhich may explain the scarcity ij good physical evidence.

Current Issue. Many of these groups are convinced that breeding populations of cougars exist throughout the region. There was no comparison—I had seen my first NS cougar. The eastern cougar is known by many names-panther, painter, puma, mountain lion, or carcajou. Based on this evidence Wright estimated that by there were approximately cougar in eastern North America, including the living in Florida.


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It had rained two days before, so I asked the caller if he could show me the exact location of arw sighting so that we could look for tracks. Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History zoologist Andrew Hebda and added that there is no reason why cougars couldn't be in the region. It had wandered at least 1, miles cugars meeting its ate at the front of an SUV in Connecticut. Cougars are loners-except during breeding or when mothers are accompanied by their kittens. The audio part of the camera picked up the sound.

In the meantime, those of us who travel the woods either by profession or for recreation should continue to be on the lookout for tracks, hair, or other physical remains. In Nova Scotia the debate about cougar existence and issues of sufficient evidence continues.

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My mind raced. A of these reports have resulted in comprehensive investigation. At present, noga and provincial biologists have formed an eastern cougar recovery team whose mandate is to determine first whether or not there is a viable population of eastern cougar in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. An animal had jumped across the stream, slipping once in the mud on the opposite bank.

Please share any stories you have or any. Cougars live for about 12 years, ranging over territories as large as square miles square km or more, marked with scratched scent posts.

Females usually breed at 2. On the strength of sre estimates in the Canadian Wildlife Service initiated a process to formally document cougar sightings in the Maritime region. On March 19th, I was assessing stream habitats and the riparian lands beside those streams. My disappointment at this news was evident.

Could they be cougars? experts say it's likely

One of the most intriguing of these was recently mova in an article on cougar by John Sansom in the spring issue of Eastern Woods and Waters. Sightings like my own offer no evidence to others, yet a ificant of cougar sightings have some evidence, and the credibility of the citizens involved le me to take many of those reports seriously.

In a flash it ran tuere, jumped onto my shoulders, and took my throat in its jaws. Not knowing if the animal was dead or alive the family proceeded to drag the kg Ibs. The last documented cougar specimen taken in eastern North America was trapped in Maine near the Quebec border in Bancroft said ln are generally solitary animals. A few weeks ago I received an after-supper telephone call from a resident of Guysborough County who wanted to report a cougar sighting.

No trace, except the smell-no blood or fur or tissue.

We now acknowledge they exist in nb but in ns we’re positively non-committal.

I once followed a cougar track with a tail drag in the snow for hours. Since that time over reports from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have been filed. The ground was too dry to render tracks that might offer evidence. Over of these reports are from Nova Scotia, with the majority reported from the eastern half of the province. Bruce Wright, thought so. During the early s deer s climbed in Nova Scotia until the herd reached a peak in They can be more challenging than novq might think to tell apart, especially if seen on a field in failing light or in rainy conditions without any familiar objects nearby for size comparisons.

I once walked into an enclosure with a bobcat that had been a pet. There was no comparison—I had seen my first NS cougar. Although cougar thee a wide variety of food items, deer are by far their choice for a meal. Unfortunately none has brought us conclusive evidence of cougar existing in either Nova Scotia or New Brunswick. With the right genes, a breeding population that includes former pets still sounds like an eastern cougar population to me!

Stunned and in disbelief, I let off on the gas but continued driving. Aare Nova Scotia the debate about cougar existence and issues of sufficient evidence continues. likes.

Not crushing my windpipe was its way of showing me trust.