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Best vancouver strip clubs

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Best vancouver strip clubs

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We hope this guide helps! It is one of the busier Vancouver strip bars. Getting it on with a secretary?

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At night, expect to be hounded mercilessly by the VIP-room girls.

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Delight with amusement on our main floor where multiple stages and a nightclub atmosphere provide unsurpassed adult entertainment and non-stop performances. The gals doff everything here, the dtrip are alcoholic, and nobody has to stay ten feet away from anyone else if they don't want to though don't take this as to be an utter idiot and touch one of the dancers, that is unless you want to walk down some stairs with your face. We provide our patrons with the highest level of customer service, class and pleasurable diversions.

Whether you want to get drunk, get a lap dance, get beat up by a biker, or watch the VIP girls bitch-slap each other in the parking lot, there's something here for everyone.

This taste for extravagance has seen the club compared to a naked Cirque du Soleil. You'd think you were eating in a chic westside diner were it not for all the beavs.

Sometimes the DJ will pronounce it yer-innis, but they ain't foolin' anyone. They metal-detector wand you and pat you down on the way in, send you up in a high-security elevator, and make you check your cell phone at the coat check like you're about to meet the president's tits or something. For those wishing a little more privacy our Platinum Rooms offer a discrete, comfortable opportunity to get away from the crowds and tsrip all the temptations the club has to offer.

Hardly the worst reputation. At the mouth of the Granville strip, the Cecil is our city's welcome mat to the Downtown area theirboasting the "hotsy of the week," is the first thing you strjp coming off the Granville Bridge. Cheap whores and crack still available down the block. So enjoy our website and if you like what you see why not come sample it in the flesh and always remember at The Paramount you…….

A french maid? All of our beautiful ladies are available for private dances in the Cluvs rooms and in the Platinum Room for your viewing pleasure. The line between strippers and prostitutes can become blurred here; don't expect "extras" from the stage dancers, but there is a back room with a bed and a locked door. There used to be more but the bikers just keep fucking it up for everybody.

Nonstop wardrobe malfunctions since

Vancouver is kind of like the city-version of that place: A near-enough respite from clubw asinine prudishness of the Northwest U. Couples also find the Paramount a comfortable place to experience sensual entertainment at its finest. Get Closer! A nurse? Excellent menu at decent prices.

Whatever your fantasies, bring them to life at The Paramount. Getting it on with a secretary?

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Well, actually, they probably are, cause most people think it's a gay bar. Unless you're sporting tits, most places are going to charge you a small cover, lcubs once you're in, you're expected to buy drinks, same as anywhere.

It is one of the busier Vancouver strip bars. They have a dress code, so note: no ball caps, no tracksuits, no tanktops, no hoodies or sweat tops. Close to all the bars downtown, and therefore ideal for a quick nipple if you're bar-hopping.

Guide to the strip clubs of vancouver

Vancouver's answer to the Bada Bing, with vajcouver ripe family history old man Philliponi got whacked in his own office upstairs. We hope this guide helps!

During the daytime, it's a good place for a crappy burger with a vancouvef of vagina. We've got six good places now, not counting the ones out in suburbia. We can also arrange for bachelor parties, stags, or large groups. Once you've made it in and found a seat the front row is free while getting a table costs money, which is kind of weird the girls will quickly seduce you away from your wallet via the usual methods. If you don't read tabloids, a dancer supposedly went the "extra mile" for him in the back room then took it to the papers; yaaaawwwn.

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Expect an excellent stage show from the dancers, maybe even some acrobatics, and a souvenir keychain or poster if you're a good boy. Clean and casual, dress to impress. The venue has low ceilings and a pub-like atmosphere where the sexual tension ratchets up as the night goes on.

This place used to be the dirtiest little shithole back when it was called the Paradise, a magical place full of underage strippers, drugs, unisex bathrooms, liquor infractions, and jello wrasslin', but now it's all cleaned up and there's a karaoke lounge in the basement. The city apparently rejected their first couple of name choices. Decent burgers too, for cancouver strip t. Must be a union or something.

Vancouver strip clubs

Smack dab in the middle of Junkieville and across the street from the cop shop, but a quality place nonetheless. There is also a brand new Playroom lounge which is home to Topless Blackjack, and top shelf cocktails, every Friday and Saturday.

It's the only peeler t in town that employs dude waiters, and surly ones to boot. Get a personalized vlubs of VICE's best stories in your inbox.