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Black lesbian movies

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Two West African men fall in love and deal with extreme fallout in their families.

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Of course, the heists end up getting them on the radar of the police. Filmmakers who were once relatively obscure are now getting the attention they have long deserved. The Criterion Channel put out a retrospective of pioneering Black filmmakers.


Available on Kanopy with a library card "Strange Fruit" A gay attorney escapes his racist Louisiana hometown but returns after his childhood friend, who is also gay, is lynched. Hard to find; available through some university programs "Madame Sata" Biopic of the legendary drag queen and capoeirista Madame Sata, Available free on YouTube without subtitles "Mississippi Damned" A family in rural Mississippi faces tragedy and triumph against the cycles of abuse, addiction and violence.

Then, at the same time that people found themselves locked inside and tied to their screens, a Minneapolis police lesiban brutally killed George Floyd, igniting a worldwide social justice movement that demanded an end to police brutality and systemic racism. Available on streaming platforms "Portrait of Jason" An leesbian documentary about hustler and cabaret performer Jason Moviex.

But it has never quite gotten as much attention as it is now.

Pride is a very different kind of celebration this year

With Loretta Devine and Jenifer Lewis. Efforts to stop the spread of the virus have shut down theaters across the country—putting to a sudden halt the way films are supposed to be experienced: on a big screen and in the company of others—just as Americans have been hungrier than movis for film and television entertainment to keep them occupied while physical distancing.

The film also features appearances from notable figures in the queer art scene such lesbiaan black feminist community activist, poet, and educator Cheryl Clarke, as well as writer and AIDS historian Sarah Schulman, social critic Camille Paglia and writer David Rakoff. In fact, they can touch on universally appealing themes that resonate with and interest broader audiences. Watch on Vimeo "Dirty Laundry" A young gay man discovers he has a son and returns home to his conservative Southern family.

In the film, Smollett stars as Magnus, one of five college friends--four gay men and one lesbian--who relive old times while meeting up at a New York Pride weekend. The film earned a 93 percent fresh rating from Rotten Tomatoes and widespread critical acclaim and numerous awards.

The film has movirs period-piece fanatics love: huge gowns, intricate hair and all of the antique trappings of the s. Available on streaming platforms Ving Rhames is a drag queen who befriends a struggling mother Alfre Woodard and daughter. Unfortunately, their car breaks down, and they encounter a racist, sexist and homophobic sheriff before entering a small town that seems like it could be just as terrible.

The black lesbian film that became essential viewing for

Available free on YouTube. Just ask Cheryl Dunye.

More than two decades after its release, her groundbreaking arthouse film, The Watermelon Woman, has been making something of a mainstream comeback. It inspired the fictional film "Jason and Shirley.

Their logic made sense: Art is perhaps the greatest instrument through which we can understand the human experience. Available on streaming platforms "Parallel Sons" A young white artist with a fascination for black culture crosses path with a prison escapee, which yields unexpected. Available on Amazon Prime "Black Is Your classmates might tease you or say negative things about it.

The film focuses on a group of women who feel disrespected by their jobs and life.

Most popular black lesbian movies and tv shows

Television shows have done better. It earned a cult-like status among cinephiles and Black and queer communities almost immediately after its release. That pivotal moment of national introspection has also led to an increased appetite for aesthetic representations of marginalized people. The film is a heart-gripping story about loss, love and redemption.

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It was followed by a sequel and web series. And of course, they find love along the way. She is also trying to expand a ly made short film, Black is Blue —about a Black trans security guard—into a larger, full-length production. More specifically, the film focuses on how black queer actors and stories were vlack ignored and how navigating archival records in attempts to look for those stories can be excruciating. That has come with an added benefit.

Like Rees, producer Nekisa Cooper said the film was semi-autobiographical. It has become a bit of a cult classic among Tumblr fans, and thankfully, some lovely soul on Tumblr ed it along with creating English subtitles so more people can view this unicorn for themselves.

After suffering tragedy in his life, he befriends Wanda, a drug-addicted woman Alfre Woodard and her daughter, Niki Jesika Reynoldsand realizes how much Niki needs stability and security in her life. Not currently available "Jewel's Catch One" Documentary about one of the first gay black discos in the country and its owner, Jewel Thais-Williams, who broke down racial and cultural barriers Available on Netflix "Pariah" A coming-of-age film about a year-old embracing life as a lesbian, despite disapproving silence movise her parents.

Here are 50 black lgbtq+ films to watch for pride month

Not only does Alike have to contend with her internal processes, but she also has to worry about how her parents, especially her mother Kim Wayanswill view her if she decides to come out. Netflix unleashed a Black Lives Matter collection. Based on a true story. Available on streaming platforms "Stranger Inside" This TV film centers on a mother and daughter who reunite in prison, with violent.

I mean, when was the last time you saw a movvies about an interracial same-sex couple in Victorian-era France solving a murder mystery? Available on streaming platforms "Looking for Langston" This black-and-white film combines newsreel footage and scripted scenes to evoke the Harlem Renaissance and honor poet and playwright Langston Hughes. Available on Vimeo "Gun Hill Road" film Harmony Santana is a teenager in the midst of transition when her father returns home from prison.

Recent stories

Available on streaming platforms "Kiki" Documentary focusing on the modern ballroom scene as it intersects with Black Lives Matter and trans rights. Available free on YouTube "Rafiki" This film about a romance between two Kenyan women was shown at Cannes after being banned in Kenya. Two West African men fall in love and deal with extreme fallout in their families. This is because so much of it is centered around Joel Edgerton's character, Charlie, the straight owner mvies a shoe company falling into financial oblivion which is then brought a unique proposition: making shoes for drag queens.

It also gives viewers lesbia new way to look at a time that is often straight-washed and whitewashed.