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Pattaya thailand nightlife tips

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Pattaya thailand nightlife tips

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Pin Looking for the best areas in Pattaya to enjoy its crazy nightlife? Our comprehensive pataya on the best areas to stay in Pattaya for nightlife will help you make the right choice. Closed to traffic at night, the road transforms into a party street on steroids. Lined with countless neon-lit beer bars, nightclubs and go-go bars, the atmosphere is nothing short of insane. After 7.

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You just need to make sure and play it safe and be smart while visiting.

With the bar girls cat calling and grabbing the passersby into their bar, Soi 6 can shock a first timer or unsuspecting tourist who thought it would be fun to go and have a look. Lady Drinks If you buy a bar girl or thhailand dancer a drink, this is known as a lady drink! Nightclubs As you might expect, as well as good bars Pattaya has its fair share of nightclubs to dance the night away in. Stick to renting a good short time or alternative hotel room for the night and keep your valuables locked up!

There is a similar setup nighrlife you tpis in the straight scene with beer bars and gogo bars, as well as some dedicated gay dance clubs.

Opposite to the beach lie tonnes of restaurants, chilled out bars and shops selling cheap clothing and souvenirs. Located close to Bangkok on the coast, Pattaya is a beach city pattayx a nightlife scene to rival any city in the world. Watch Out for Club Raids Generally speaking, the police leave clubs alone.

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One of you and 6 of them! Common practice is to pay the bill check bin before you leave. Recommended Hotels:. The fun times begin about 1 PM and continue htailand into the night. At every bar there is a bell, usually hanging over the bar.

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But it is a wild and fun time if you relax and enjoy yourself. While that may be the case in most other countries, the penalties for not only using drugs but for having drugs on you may be punishable by up to death. Bring back Dr Condom! Freelance girls you need to be more careful with! Soi 7 Soi 7 is a fun and lively street to visit that has a lot of beer bars, massage shops, restaurants, and hotels.

The ultimate nightlife guide to pattaya

Bag snatching — is unfortunately on the rise recently. A walk on the wild side in this vibrant resort city is a lot wilder than pretty much anywhere else in Thailand and possibly even all of Southeast Asia. It is not uncommon to nightliife tour groups wandering up and down Walking Street just checking things out. That includes the Buddha statues.

While there are a few ladyboy bars that are very much in the public view, like those on Soi Buakhao, most ladyboy bar owners realize the need for privacy and discretion and have closed door venues away from any onlookers. They might advertise cheap beer to lure you inside, then serve you beer at 2 or 3 times the advertised price.


Another popular club is Mixx Discotheque. However, it is something to keep in mind. When using a taxi, only use a taxi with a meter. The beer bars are mainly situated in large beer bar complexes that house dozens of bars under one roof. On the edge of nightkife walking street is Pattaya Beer Garden, located on a pier with views of the sea and the beach.

Although some strap up well and some have had the op! Beer bars are a good place to have a drink, shoot a few games of pool, and chat with the Thai girls.

And if you look closely you can often spot one or two ladyboys working in a girlie bar. Of course, these closures could remain in place at the discretion of the authorities. The best advice is to always ask the price, or ask for a price list before you order.

First time in pattaya tips for men

There are likely to be more bars opening in the future as acceptance of the transgender community continues to grow. There are several main areas catering to the gay community.

Sunee Plaza and Soi Day night are two large bar areas. Which is also part of the charm of going to see a band in Pattaya.

Walking street

Nightlfe Soi Buakhao is a very long road that stretches from South Pattaya Road all the way to Central Pattaya Road, trying to categorize the whole thing as one giant nightlife area is probably too broad. These are good places to relax with a cocktail while the sunsets in the distance.

Every time you order a new drink a new bill is added to the bin. The larger Go Go bars on Walking Street like Alcatraz are much bigger and have some lounge seating as well as an upstairs. All the Go Go bars are enclosed and air-conditioned with a similar layout. Others may force you into paying far more to be allowed to leave.

Pattaya naughty nightlife guide

Thaoland guide is for single men making their first trip to Pattaya, you should also read these general tips for first timers in Pattaya. Located on the walking street, plays the biggest house tracks to its more often than not packed dance floor, which are enjoyed with some of the best lazer effects in the city. Be careful when driving or crossing ro. There are countless s of tourists taking photos and making videos of Walking Street action, most likely destined for Youtube.

There are a few stands to get some food, Kabobs, Thai food, and the like to soak up some of the alcohol no doubt being consumed in large quantities.

GoGo bars typically hire a staff of beautiful Thai girls to stand out front with s promoting the bar and trying to bring customers inside for a drink. There are dozens of bars lining the street with a group of Thai Girls out front sitting and waiting for customers to come down the street. If ladyboys are your thing, there are 3 or for ladyboy bars on the corner of Soi Honey and Soi Buakhao, as well as a few others in the area.

Lady-boys in Pattaya? There is also a smaller pool of hotels to choose from. Long time is all night. However, once inside one of the Walking Street Go Go Bars, your privacy is protected as photos are rarely allowed.

Motorcycles — If you hire a bike or go as a pillion on a motorcycle taxi, wear a crash helmet! Short time is normal an hour or two tops, you come and she goes! When they return with your drink they will also bring your bill, placed inside a small bin.